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Creating a Character

On Monday June 2, the girls and I met and read more from Things I Have to Tell You. Mostly, the girls write about their own lives. On Monday, the Dream Keepers tried something new. They wrote poems from a persona or a character—someone other than themselves. I love what they did. See what you think!

Born at 13
by Maya Montgomery

Born at 13—prematurely.
Momma didn’t want me.
Daddy abusing me.
Boys looking over me.
Brother selling.
Girls teasing.
Born at 13.
Look at me.
I look just like you.
Can’t you see?
Same hair, same eyes, same lips.
Born at 13.
Go to the same school.
See you every day.
So don’t judge me.
Born at 13.

Just Another Girl!
by Natalie Branch

When I first saw you, I couldn’t stand you.
When you first saw me, you wanted to nail me.
Every day you would spit yo’ game.
Everyday I looked at you with shame.
But one day, you said the sweetest thing.
I stopped being mad and I stopped being mean.
You became my man, and I was yo’ girl.
You were the only thing that mattered in my world.
Then I met this girl