Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learning Together

Tonight we had a small group of Dream Keepers writing and connecting. The younger students wrote acrostic poems. The high school students used headlines from popular magazines to write poems.  Natalie took a headline about Jessica Simpson to write her poem, She's Proud of Her Body. Before our hour was over, the High School students were delighted by a surprise visitor—Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor. State Senator Taylor encouraged the young people to work hard and send her their poems!

Both groups of students made it their mission to teach me about words and music. No matter which way you slice it, there's a lot of learning going on at Dream Keepers! If you know any young people who might be interested in writing, please send them to Atkinson Library on Monday nights.

Enjoy the poems,

She's Proud of Her Body
by Natalie Branch

She was used to society controlling her image.
They didn't care what she wanted or how she was feeling.
They knew what the buyers wanted to see.
They didn't know where the frustration would lead.
They did what they thought was best for her.
And so did she—by creating the new and improved her.
She's slightly larger and isn't the same.
Eye candy, but she couldn't be more fine and dandy.
She loves herself and isn't intimidated by anybody,
She is truly proud of her body.

by Ashley

Ice Cream
Too much
Honey Cakes
Ding Dongs
Too Sweet
All the sweets in the world
Raining Sweets
Too Loud
Yes! My present!

Pig Pen
by Lamar

P The pig is too fat.
I  I know they eat a lot.
G Gate gets crushed
P When Pigs fight each other
E Earthqquake
No food, no home, no pig pen.