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Happy Halloween!

Last week, one of the Dream Keepers wrote a scary story and shared it with the group. He had us all looking over our shoulders for ghosts. The author, Jaimie, is pictured above. His story follows. Enjoy!
Little Lyricby Jaimie Bogard-LaMar
“Come on, Lyric,” said Deseree. “The last bell just rang.”
“I’m on the homecoming committee, remember?”
“Oh yeah. So you have to stay. Well, I’ll see you later. Just don’t be here alone,” said Deseree.
"Wonder what she means by ‘Don’t be here alone,’" thought Lyric.
After Lyric and the homecoming team were done for the day and about to leave, Lyric remembered. Uh oh, she thought. I left my jacket in the locker room. My mom said if I left it one more time, she wouldn’t let me go to the homecoming and all of my work would be for nothing. So, Lyric rushed to the locker room and saw her jacket lying on the bench. As she was about to grab it, she heard a banging sound. She looked around to see what it was. And she saw a locker door opening and closing…

Six-word Scary Stories

We've done six-word memoirs. Tonight the Dream Keepers wrote six-word scary stories. Read and enjoy! (Then write and submit your own in the comment field!)
A vampire destroys the city with power. —Tramonta Garner (pictured above)
One virus. One town. No survivors. —Jaimee Bogard-LaMar, 14
One girl. Many monsters. What's next? —Jaimee Bogard-LaMar, 14
Big zombie eats eyeballs. City blind. —Elisha Branch, 14
One house. One family. Both gone. —Elisha Branch, 14
Knock, knock. Who's there? Killer mysterious. —Derranesha, 12
Baby cries. No answer. What happens? —Derranesha, 12
Ring, ring. "Hello." Please help me. —April, 12
The spooky monster ran towards me ... —Sonya, 17
The worm crawls into the brain. —Sierra
The slippery, slimy monster grabs two. —Quintoya Eskridge

Write a Job Description

Each week in October, the Dream Keepers have been meeting to write scary stories! None of those are quite ready to post yet. Until then, I thought I'd give you all an assignment. (That's what writing teachers do!)
When we met tonight, I put up a list of potentially scary creatures on the board. I didn't pay attention to the other writing on the board. Then one of the young people pointed out that it looked like the Census Office had jobs available for zombies, ghosts, goblins, and other creatures. Now that would be some job description! I'd love to read it.
And I can—if you write it. That's your assignment. Imagine that you are writing a job description for one of the above openings at the census office. If you like what you come up with, send it to me at I will post the best descriptions I receive!
Happy writing!

Dream Keeper Elisha Branch put together a couple of wonderful job postings:
Jobs Available Vampires Only!!! Black cape and…