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Dream Keepers Classes at Your Library!

Welcome, Dream Keepers! Fall classes have started--and we'd love to have you to stop by and create! We meet at the library and use words and art to make sense of the world. 

Each week, I bring a project or prompt for writers to work with. But you are welcome to bring your own ideas and projects. One of our Dream Keepers is writing a novel! Another is using photoshop to learn how to design books. I look forward to seeing what YOU will create with your imagination!
Mitchell Street Branch903 West Historic Mitchell Street 4:30-6:00 PM We meet in the library's Makerspace downstairs. Join us to create something with words, art, and more!
September 4, 17 October 1, 15 November 6, 19 December 4, 8

Capitol Drive Branch3969 N 74th Street 4:00-5:30 PM We meet in the children's area of the library.
September 10, 24 October 8, 22 November 12, 26 December 10, 17
Can't wait to see you at the library!

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