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2017-2018 Dream Keepers Successes

Dream Keepers Successes  by Rochelle Melander
2017-2018 Highlights We've had a great year at Dream Keepers.  We've brought the program to two libraries, Capitol Drive Library and the brand new Historic Mitchell Street Library.We once again brought Bing! Bang! Boom!, our program on noisy poetry, to the Dr. Seuss Day Celebration at Central Library.We led a workshop on reading and writing poetry for the members of the Milwaukee Public Library Teen Advisory Board.
Bing! Bang! Boing! I love teaching noisy poetry...and the students love writing it. Here are some of my favorite examples from this year's Dr. Seuss Day celebration!

Summer Writing Join me this summer, right here at the blog, for Wednesday writing prompts. We'll try to make them fun...just for you.