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Dream Keepers Writing Circle Fall 2016

Dear Super Writers,
Dream KeepersWriting Circle got off to an excellent start last night! For those of you who didn't make it, let me share with you a bit of the fun we had.

A student wanted to make paper airplanes, so we planned and folded. 

Then we wrote poems on the airplanes.

One poem contained a challenge:

The student also wrote a how-to guide—for anyone who didn't know how to fold an airplane.  I should have read it before I accepted the challenge to race my paper-airplane.

I lost. He won.  My plane took a deep nose dive and crashed at my feet. His flew over the check out counter and sailed toward the window. Perhaps my plane was weighed down by words? 

Join us next time at Capitol Drive Library. We'll be unleashing our wild imaginations and creating stories of magic and wonder! Take a look at the dates below and join us! 
--Ms. Rochelle

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