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Long Titles, Short Poems

Tonight the Dream Keepers tried to write short poems with long titles, an assignment from Dawn DiPrince's wonderful book Yoga For the Brain. Here's the example I wrote:

What Happened when John decided to Do His Laundry the Old-Fashioned Way: with a Bar of Soap, a Rock, and a River. Threadbare Underwear.

The assignment is harder than it sounds, and the Dream Keepers had a tough time with it. But they still came up with some good samples. Read their work, and then try writing your own!

By Elly: What Elly Was Left with After She Ate A big Juicy Hamburger in Two Bites. Yummy Tummy.
By Leroi: What the Owner Said When He Took His Pet to Meet the New Vet, who Already Had Met a Dog, a Frog, and a Bunch of Cats. Oh No.
By Daquan: What Happened When I Took A Bone from a Dog Who Had Had It a Long Time. Fight. Bite.
By Tierra: The clock stopped at 11 O'Clock. Tick Tock?

The Urban Legend

You know what an urban legend is, right? You've probably even fallen for a few. Here are some I found while visiting Snopes, the go-to site for discovering if that warning email you got from your Auntie is true or a hoax. Here are some interesting legends I pulled off the site:*Disposable chopsticks are loaded with carcinogens. *Canola oil is toxic. *Coca-cola was originally green.
Tonight's Dream Keepers had the opportunity to write their own urban legends—or at least the teasers to go with them. Here's what they came up with. When you're done reading, I hope you will be inspired to create your own!
Beware of crooks using video games to steal your pants. (I want your --Terrance
Beware of crooks using the tooth fairy to steal teeth. --Terrance
Don't leave your house! Killer squirrels on the loose! --Elly
Beware of crooks taking coats. They're cold, and they're coming. --Shay
Beware of sticky fingered crooks. They're stealing honey! --Shay