Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream Keepers @ Freedom Schools

This summer many children are becoming Dream Keepers at the Urban Roots Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools (r) Program. I've been teaching every Tuesday afternoon. We've made personal metaphors, written Haiku poems about gardens and animals, and tried our hand at writing about our neighborhood. Two weeks ago, the students read an inspiring story about Tasana Hardy titled, Teen's Award-Winning Poem Helps Rewrite Her Life. Hardy's poem, Where I'm From, was chosen for a class film project that has since won awards. The poem and the awards have changed the direction of Hardy's life. I invited the students to write their own, Where I'm From poems. Here are a few of them. When you're done reading, write your own!

Where I'm From
by Luis

Where I'm from ...
     Moms keep house
     Dads tow cars.

Where I'm from
    Sisters work in stores
    Cats vomit and sneeze
    and I play on the computer.

Where I'm from,
     people eat rice,
     sea food,
     and fruit loops.

Where I'm from
     kids camp,
     and go to water parks.

Where I'm from,
     I'm planning to go to Puerto Rico
     to see family.

Where I Come From
by Anonymous

Where I come from
     there is no peace
     because there is too much fighting and loud music.

Parents are not watching their kids.

Where I come from
     people don't care anymore.
     because every time you look at the news,
     something bad has happened.

Where I Come From
by Marcus

Where I come from people
walk with their head down.
They shun the world out only
look within themselves.

Where I come from beautiful smiles
are hard to find but a rude stare
is always constant.

Where I come from love is just
a word thrown in the air, even if it's
family or friends.

Where I come from isn't actually
where I come from. it's a stage
I must pass in my life.

Where I Come From
by Zhane

Where I come from I like to make
people laugh because you barely
see people smiling, all you see is

Where I come from you have teenagers
turning to their own sex just to
find love.

Where I come from you barely see
young educated people because all
people really want is to fit in.

Where I come from fake is the
new country name because there is no
such thing as a true friend.
Just associates.